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Newmarket Hornets

The Newmarket Hornets are an Elite Karting League team formed in Dec 2012 by Carl Vella, Sam Guntrip and Josh Overhill.


We finished our debut season in 2013 9th overall, 5 sprint race wins, 11 podiums also claiming trophies in the Ellough Park Sprints (3rd) and Clay Pigeon Endurance race (2nd).


 In 2014 the Hornets retained their #9 seeding with a second consecutive 9th place overall in the EKL. The years highlights 3 sprint race wins, 13 podiums, a 3rd placed finish at Whilton Mill in the endurance race, 2nd place in the EPEC series again at Whilton Mill and a 6th in class at the British 24hr.

The Buzzin Hornets ended 18th overall, Will Gibbs claiming £100 (donated to Diabetes UK) with a race of champions cash winning effort at Teesside, 2 sprint race wins, 5 podiums and a 3rd placed finish in the EPEC race at Whilton Mill.They also finished 10thin class in the British 24hr.

The Giant Hornets with an ever changing lineup ended the year 20th overall with 3 podium finishes during the years sprints.  


 2015 sees the Newmarket Fighting Hornets joining the EKL alongside our other three teams, 2 teams racing the full EPEC series and at least 2 entries in the British 24hr. 


If you are interested in joining the squad and racing with us you can contact me here or find us on our facebook page.


EKL Lineup 2015

Carl Vella, Josh Overhill, Alex Ready, Kyle Power,James Marshall, Dan Hemmings, Harry Neale, James Shrimpton, Lee Mills, Stephen Dodds, David Dixon, John Ensinger, Samuel Ensinger, James Craven




2014 EKL Championships

1st March 2014 – Whilton Mill
Hornets 1197pts (11th), Buzzin 1068pts (17th), Giants 1008pts (21st)

12th April 2014 – Teesside
Hornets 1395pts (7th), Buzzin 1047pts (19th), Giants 927pts (22nd)
24th May 2014 – Clay Pigeon
Hornets 1284pts (11th), Buzzin 1200pts (15th), Giants 1200pts (15th) 
June 2014 – Rowrah
13th September 2014 – Whilton Mill
18th October 2014 – Clay Pigeon
8th November 2014 – Teesside



2013 EKL Championships

Newmarket Hornets

9th March 2013 Whilton Mill 1284pts 13th
13th April 2013 Teesside Karting 1401pts 9th
11th May 2013 Ellough Park 1446pts 7th
25th May 2013 Clay Pigeon Raceway 1461pts 8th
20th July 2013 Whilton Mill 1206pts 13th
14th September Rowrah 1368pts 12th
19th October 2013 Clay Pigeon 1503pts 5th
9th November 2013 Teeside Karting 1323pts 11th
OVERALL 9786pts 9th
Newmarket Buzzin Hornets
19th October 2013 Clay Pigeon 1230pts 18th
9th November 2013 Teeside Karting 1131pts 19th
OVERALL 2361pts 22nd
Newmarket Giant Hornets
9th November 2013 Teeside Karting 1200pts 17th
OVERALL 1200pts 27th


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